Barber Window

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Simple and modern websites for old school barber shops that do not take reservations.

Provide your customers with a window into your shop.

Request Free Custom Demo Site


How It Works

Your customers see a simple floor plan of your shop with waiting chairs and barber chairs. The chairs indicate how many barbers are in and how many people are waiting to get their hair cut.

You have one or more computers/tablets/phones in your shop and use a simple and fast interface to update the floor plan. As you make changes, anyone looking at the website sees the updates automatically.

Quick, simple and clear communication to your customers.

Warning, Technical Jargon: The Barber Window software use web-sockets to send updates to anyone on the site almost instantly. Viewers do not even have to reload the web page, they just see the updates as they happen.


Live floor plan provide a customer view and a separate management interface.

Works on mobile phones. The layout is responsive, so you and your customers can use your site via any mobile device capable of running a modern web browser.

Custom messages on your site allows you to inform your customers about shop news (e.g. holiday hours, which barbers are going to be available). In-line messages for regular news and big messages for urgent news.

An info about page for you shop that includes:

  • regular hours
  • a link to map of your shop's location
  • phone number
  • address


Live Demo

We have 3 different demo sites you can take a look at. Anyone can use the information below to access the sites so if it looks like someone else has been messing with it, they probably have. The demo sites will reset every night.

Floyd's Demo Barber Shop

Public Home Page

Administrative Login Page
Password: lawson

Oscar's Demo Barber Shop

Public Home Page

Administrative Login Page
Password: barber

Fashion Barbers Demo Shop

Public Home Page

Administrative Login Page
Password: barber

Case Study

Craig's Como Barber Shop

Craig Ylitalo is our first customer and he has been running a Barber Window site since the beginning of 2015 at

Gone are the days when our customers have to call the shop, or walk by the shop, to see how busy we are. We get more haircuts with less wait times. Customers plan their visits. They can check the shop flow anytime, anywhere. Our days seem to even out, less feast or famine. Most days we are busy all day. Many customers say they have been watching the site and came in when they saw an empty chair. Barber Window has been a real game changer for us, as big as Google. Bigger than we thought.


Since we started working with Craig, he's provided a lot of valuable feedback, including some good ideas for features we've added.

Craig has a busy shop, so we have been able to make sure the site runs well when several people are using it at the same time.


Setup: $100 (one time) - You won't be billed until you've seen your site setup and are happy with it.

Hosted App: $30 (per month) - We'll take care of the server infrastructure and you'll get all the on going improvements to the Barber Window app for free. This does not include domain name registration.

🤑 Sale 🤑

For a limited time we are waiving the setup fees and giving you your first 2 months of hosting for free! A total savings of $160, with no commitments.

A More Detailed Budget Scenario

Getting the site setup will cost about $150 (including the first month of hosting).

  • $100 setup fee. We won’t charge you this amount until you’ve seen how your site will look when it’s live and approved it.
  • $30 a month for hosting. Depending on how much you charge per haircut, if the site brings in 1 extra haircut a week it will pay for itself.
  • Domain name (usually less than $20 a year), if we buy this for you we won’t charge you any extra just pass the cost onto you.

After the site is up running you can budget $380 per year to run the site.

Site Updates

For every month of hosting you will get 10 minutes of site updates that rolls over (2 hours per year).

Any edits or changes we need to make after setup are billed at $100 an hour, however below is a list of prices for standard things we do fairly often. If you want to know how much a change will cost shoot us an email and we will give you an estimate.

  • Adjusting the floor plan: $25-$50
  • Changes to the "About" page: $25

Setup Process

1. You are going to need a few things first.

Something to Mange the Site With

We recommend having a dedicated a laptop computer at your shop. It does not have to be anything fancy, just something capable of running a modern web browser. Here are some examples of inexpensive laptops that would work.

Picking up a used laptop or re-purposing an old one would also work. Just make sure it can run the current version of Chrome or Firefox.

A tablet would also work. Even a smart phone in a pinch.

Internet Connection

You will need a way to connect to the Internet from your shop. The Internet connection does not have to be very fast but should be reliable.

The Layout of Your Shop

In most cases we recommend as simple approximation of the layout of your shop as possible. The waiting chairs on the left, the barber chairs on the right. Even if that doesn't match exactly how your shop looks it usually makes for a better experience for people using your website. In this case, just tell us how many waiting chairs and how many barber chairs you have. If you think it would actually be a better experience for your customers to see a more accurate layout of your shop we are happy to do that too. A few pictures of the inside of your shop taken from different angles would work, or just a cell phone picture of drawing on a napkin would probably work, or anything in between. If you take a look at the videos and the demos you'll get a good idea of how much detail we need.

A Domain Name

Pick out a domain name. You do not need to buy it (yet) but you should decide what you want to use (we can help with the step if you would like).

2. Contact us

We will need the follow information...

  • the layout of your shop
  • the domain name you’ve picked out
  • all the basic information about your shop including you would like listed on your website which might include
    • phone number
    • shop hours
    • address
    • price list
    • If you’d like to include a little information about your shop’s history. Or the barbers and the owners, etc. Maybe a "tagline" or slogan. We’d be happy to include that on your about page too.
    • 1 Picture of your shop. If you really want more than one picture let us know, it's a feature we are thinking about adding.
    • Link to your shop on Yelp.
    • Link to your shop on Google Maps.
    • Link to your shop on Trip Advisor.
    • Link to your shop Facebook.
    • Link to your shop on whatever new fangled thing the kids are doing these days.

Send us all this information in an email or fill it all out on our Site Request Form

We’ll let you know how long it will take to get you setup (usually less than 1 week).

3. Review Your Website.

When your website is ready we will send you a preview of it to review, and test drive.

4. Launch

Once we have your approval we will launch your website.

5. Miscellaneous

Nothing here is a required but some of our customers ask for these things or are curious about them.

If you are wondering how many people visit your site, we can set you up with a Google Analytics account for your site.

If you would like an email and calendar system we can setup your domain on a Google Apps For Work account.


Will I have to do something on the computer every time a customer walks in?

You do not have to. If you just want to use it to tell your customers which barbers are in you'll only have to update it when you need to.

However if you do keep site updated often enough to give your customers an idea of how busy the shop is you will get many fewer phone calls asking about how long the wait is.

If you can put a shop laptop or tablet in a central location the interface allows you to update it in just a couple of seconds, your customers won't even notice.

If it looks like the shop is busy won't that drive customers away?

It might for an hour or a day (maybe 2) but they'll come by when they have a little more time to hang out or when the shop is not as busy.

Can I change how my sites looks, colors, fonts, maybe a background image.

Right now, no. To keep costs down and the sites loading quickly and easy to use we need to be very careful about how we add features to customize the site.

We are working on adding more features. If you have any ideas or feedback about features you'd like to see, please drop us a line.

I already have a website that I want to keep but I want to give my customers a window into my shop, is this possible?

It is, you can put a link on your existing website to a second website using our software. You could also put it 'inside' your existing site using an iFrame.

The best choice will depend on how your existing site works and looks.

How will my customers find out about the website?

There are a lot of ways. You telling them about it probably the best way. Many customers will find you by using sites like Google Maps and Yelp.

Once your website is live, if you have not already you could 'claim' your business and set the website correctly.

We will also submit your website to Google for indexing if you would like as well. The about page on the site will help Google index it properly so it will come up when people search for it.

How will this change my business?

Fewer phone calls from customer asking how long the wait is and what your hours are.

You will attract more tech savvy customers who appreciate websites.

Happier customers who do not want to wait long.

Happier customers who like to hang out when the shop is busier.

What kind of support do your provide?

We have email support. On weekdays we can usually respond within the hour, but we don't make any specific promises at this point.

We have phone number and you are welcome to call, but your call will usually just go to voicemail. You should leave us a message though we'll get it and we will try to get back to you soon.

We have automated systems that monitor the uptime of your site that will notify us if something goes wrong.

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